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2015 Programme

October 15-18, 2015 - Ciné TNB, Rennes

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Court Métrange - La sélection 2015
Court Métrange 2015

Award winners

The 12th annual Court Métrange, Rennes’ international short film festival of the bizarre and the Fantastic held five screenings for the official competition (27 films) and five special screenings for the Audience award (25 films) over the course of three days, offering festivalgoers the joy of discovering the best of what the world has to offer in this film genre as of late.

The 2015 jury was presided over by author Christopher PRIEST along with Antoine Lareyre (artistic director of the Festival du film de l’Ouest, Rurik Sallé (actor, composer, film critic), Christophe Taudière (head of the short film division at France-Télévision ) et and Corinne Bernard (director of the Beaumarchais association). During the closing ceremony on Saturday October 17th at the Ciné TNB in Rennes, the jury gave out the following Court Métrange prizes for 2015.

Jury Prize

Court Métrange Grand Prize :

The karman line

The karman line

24’00 > 2014 - UK

Unanimous jury vote

A mother finds herself afflicted by a mysterious problem, a type of levitation that lifts her up from the ground a little more every day. Her husband and daughter attempt to handle the situation.

Special Mention :



15’34 > 2014 - Canada

Forced to take care of her partner, Malcolm, who became catatonic following a quantum physics experiment that ended poorly, Erin tries to understand why he is in this condition.


Silver Medal :


06’00 > 2014 - Hongria & USA

We often neglect what is important for what gives us immediate gratification. Unfortunately, that which we neglect is often lost forever. This is the story of a man who, throughout his entire life, is the victim of a misguided obsession. The events that mark his existence are punctuated by the loss of one or more of his teeth and his efforts to fix what was harmed, and they invariably end in collateral damage.

Métrange (Strange shorts) of the Festival’s Partners

Métrange France-Télévision :

The karman line

BY OSCAR SHARP 24’00 > 2014 - UK     (see Court Métrange Grand Prize)

Dernière porte au Sud

Métrange Beaumarchais :

Dernière porte au Sud (Last Door South)

14’20 > 2015 - Belgium

« The world is stories of a building, made up of rooms and connected by stairs ». Such is the vision of a child and his second Siamese head, walled up in the family manor by their mother since birth... until one day, noticing a strange light, they vow to find the World's end.


Métrange Format Court :


03’30 > 2015 - France

A complex chain reaction brings human organs to life. This mechanism generates an act of creation. But can this creation actually be produced by a machine?

People’s Choice Award Public awards

The Audience Métrange :

The Audience Métranges was given to three animated films: Bendito Machine 5 by Jossie Malis, Symphony No.42 by Réka Busci and Beauty by Rino Stefano, as well as two fictional films : L’Ours Noir (The Black Bear) by Méryl Fortunat-Rossi and Xavier Seron and Father and son des Deka Brothers.

Outside of the usual competition screenings and special screenings, fourteen school screenings were offered to 3,235 students in high school, middle school, and primary school.


The Youth Métranges - High School and Primary School

The Gold Watch by Joachim Nakagawa Stråning


The Youth Métranges – Middle School :

The Karman line by Oscar Sharp


  • The Court Métrange Grand Prize. It is awarded to the best production entered in the international competition. This endowment comes in the form of benefits. The organization ARWESTUD offers a 50% discount on the lighting equipment for the shooting of the winner's next film, a 50 % discount on post-production work : sound editing, sound-grading and DCP output.

  • The organization NOMADE Production offers a 50% discount on post-production work : sound editing and mixing.

  • A Court Métrange trophy specially made by the artist Patrice Hubert is also given out with this award.

  • The Silver Medal. It is awarded to the best short film (duration: less than or equal to 25 min.) in the European competition. The winning film also competes for the Gold Medal, which is awarded during the Trieste science fiction festival Della Fantascienza in Italie. A piece created by the artist Patrice Hubert accompanies this prize.

  • The France Télévisions Prize is awarded to one of the short films in the international competition. The winning film is shown exclusively on the France 2 channel as part of the Histoires Courtes programme.

  • The Beaumarchais Prize, totaling 1,500 €, is awarded to the best French fantasy work.

  • The Format Court Prize. Publication of a personalized piece in Format Court, a website specialized in short films (, on the winning film. Purchase and distribution of the film in a Format Court special screening at the Studio des Ursulines (Paris).

  • Creation of a Digital Master in the DCP format (provided by the digital lab Média Solution).

  • The Audience Award concerns the selected screenings at 7:30 pm, Toxic and Make It Short. The younger audience (primary, m