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2016 archive
Awards winners

The 13th annual Court Métrange, Rennes’ international short film festival of the bizarre and the Fantastic has offered its audiences, over the course of three days, 70 short films during the 13 screenings of both animation and fiction films so that the festivalgoers could enjoy the best of the recent production in that film genre.

On the occasion of the closing ceremony that was held at the Ciné TNB in Rennes on Saturday October 22, the 2016 Jury, presided over by actor Thierry Frémont along with François Marache (artistic director and founder of the Court mais Trash festival) journalists and film reviewers Nathalie Dassa and Christophe Lemaire, Christophe Taudière (head of the short film division at France-Télévision) and Corinne Bernard (director of the Beaumarchais association) gave out the following Court Métrange prizes for 2016 :



Un ciel bleu presque parfait

Court Métrange Grand prize

Un ciel bleu presque parfait

by Alexandre Claudin Quarxx - 36’ • FRANCE • 2016

Unanimous jury vote



The reflexion of power

Méliès d'argent

The reflexion of power

by Mihai Grecu - 9’ • FRANCE • 2015



The Procedure

Jury Special mention

The Procedure

by Calvin Reeder - 3’34 • ÉTATS-UNIS • 2016




Métranges of the Festival’s Partners :



Métrange France-Télévision


by Noel Loozen - 10’30 • PAYS BAS • 2015




Métrange Beaumarchais


by Pascal Thiebaux - 12’30 • FRANCE • 2016




Métrange Format Court


by Simon Cartwright - 10’ • ROYAUME-UNI • 2015







Public Award


de Jean-Baptiste Saurel


"Cartes blanches" :

The Tale of the wall habitants de Andrej Boka (Carte blanche Festival Grossmann)
The Cat With Hands de Robert Morgan (Focus Robert Morgan par Make it short)



The Youth Métranges – High School

Of men and mice

by Gonzague Legout 20’10 • FRANCE • 2015



The Youth Métranges – Middle School


by Justin Harding - 12’47 • CANADA • 2016



The Youth Métranges – Primary School

Château de sable

bye Foncelle- 5’19 • FRANCE • 2015





A warm congratulations and thanks to the directors, to the jury, to the public and to the team!!



Le jury Court Métrange 2016

2016 jury, presided over by actor Thierry Frémont






The Court Métrange Grand Prize

It is awarded to the best production entered in the international competition. This endowment comes in the form of benefits. The organization ARWESTUD offers a 50% discount on the lighting equipment for the shooting of the winner's next film, a 50 % discount on post-production work : sound editing, sound-grading and DCP output. The organization NOMADE Production offers a 50% discount on post-production work : sound editing and mixing. A Court Métrange trophy specially made by artist Patrice Hubert is also given out with this award.


Le Méliès d’Argent (The Silver Medal)

It is awarded to the best short film (duration: less than or equal to 25 min.) in the European competition. The winning film also competes for the Gold Medal, which is awarded during the Trieste science fiction festival Della Fantascienza in Italy. A piece created by artist Patrice Hubert accompanies this prize.


The France Télévisions Prize

This Prize is awarded to one of the short films in the international competition. The winning film is shown exclusively on the France 2 channel as part of the Histoires Courtes programme.


Prix Beaumarchais Prize

totaling 1,500 €, is awarded to the best French fantasy work.


The Format Court Prize

Publication of a personalized piece in Format Court, a website specialized in short films (, on the winning film. Purchase and distribution of the film in a Format Court special screening at the Studio des Ursulines (Paris). Creation of a Digital Master in the DCP format (provided by the digital lab Média Solution).


The Audience Award

concerns the 'Nuit du Fantastic' screenings and the cartes blanches ( Festival Grossman and Make It Short). The younger audiences (primary, middle, and high school) are also invited to choose a winning film from the school screenings.