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Coordinated by Patrice Pincé

… while the wolf is there! As well as the other characters that inhabit fantastic forests, including the natural and supernatural, minerals, vegetables, animals and humans, myths and fantasies scaring both the old and the young from the witch in Hansel and Gretel or the one in the Blair Witch Project to the Ents from Lord of the Rings, and not to forget werewolves and those possessed in the Evil Dead or the Smurfs.

The following contributors will help us to present the different forest inhabitants in cinema: Geneviève Djénati, author of “Psychanalyse des Dessins Animés” and “Le Prince Charmant et le Héros”, Pierre Dubois, the renown elficologist (Elf specialist), and Alain Pelosato, the author of numerous books on fantasy cinema.

Thursday October 10th at 6 p.m.
Espace Ouest-France
38, rue du Pré-Botté 35000 Rennes.
Free Admission




by François Angelier

We will focus on the forest, but not on the medieval forest, the one of fairy tales and tall stories with magical plants and wolves waiting in ambush, with enchanted woods and clearings for rituals. We will be talking about the forest as a place where anything is possible, a transgressive space, a space for mental distraction and erotic savagery, as an experience of the worst and of radicalism. We will be talking about the forest that is dense as stone, that is opaque and menacing in Ann Radcliffe’s noir novels, the Tiffauges forest where Gilles de Rais from Huysmans had a vision of the large red beech while in a trance, the forest of heroes from Gracq’s works, of Bataille’s heroines, of the characters in the works of Michaux and Mandiargues. This forest is a place of exposure, a showcase to display the living.

François Angelier is a producer and commentator at France-Culture (Mauvais Genres), a journalist (Le Monde, Le Magazine littéraire, Canal+), an author of works on Jules Verne, noir and gothic literature, as well as on several mystical and spiritual authors.

Wednesday October 19th at 6:30 p.m.
Les Champs Libres
10 cours des Alliés, 35000 Rennes.
Free Admission / Reservation Advised 02 23 40 66 00





The enigma of the living

Amphithéâtre Donzelot
2, rue Kléber, 35000 Rennes

Monday, October 10th and 17th and Friday, November 7th and 14th at 6 p.m.
Free Admission





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