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Parcours Métrange

For the fourth consecutive year, the Court Métrange Festival is offering the Parcours Métrange exhibitions. Considering that the line between art and cinema is becoming harder and harder to distinguish, Court Métrange invites us to reflect on “fantasy imagery” in both domains. Court Métrange has partnered with Naïa Museum, the first French museum of fantasy imagery located in Rochefort-en-Terre, in order to offer two collective exhibitions based on the theme “The Wood of the Magic Spells”.



October 19-23, 2016 in two places in Rennes :

Le bois des sortilèges

Hôtel Pasteur
2 Place Pasteur, 35000 Rennes
De 14h à 18h30 du mardi au samedi.
Entrée libre


Le laboratoire des sortilèges

Galerie du Crous Saint-Hélier
20 rue Saint-Hélier 35000 France
De 14h à 18h30 du mardi au samedi.
Entrée libre


Parcours Métrange expositions 2016    Parcours Métrange expositions 2016





It is precisely in these spaces for reflection that visionary and fantasy art is created. One proposes to transcend the physical world in order to describe an expanded vision of consciousness. The other proposes direct contact with nature, free from the veil created from one’s intellect, habits, prejudices and conformity.

It’s not an illusion!

The exhibitions “The Wood of the Magic Spells” and “The Laboratory of Magic Spells” presents 13 artists who work to illuminate that which is hidden behind appearances. Through intuition bias and sensitivity, these artists present a shared vision of humanity, a form of receptiveness that surpasses reality, the collective unconsciousness from a time beyond immediate and visible truths.

The artist creates here with his heart and soul, and from the artist’s technical mastery a work is born. Thus, the fantastic exists, the time of the object’s uncertainty. By examining myths, legends, spirituality, civilizations, history and religions, this exhibition will broach the topic of the uncertainty of reality.

These art forms draw from the world’s metaphors and reveal their most unexpected and puzzling aspects. Then a phase of adaptation to the unthinkable and indescribable is established in order for us to be confronted with ourselves and reveal to us this psyche that has been forgotten, hidden in silence…

Through imagination, an ability possessed by the living, and through its voyages in space, time and alternate dimensions, art always questions at its core the human condition.




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