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2019 Edition
Long Métrange

One night / Two films
The Bizarre on the Big Screen

 Gaumont Theater Complex, Tuesday, October 15

6.50 €, full ticket price / 5.50 €, reduced ticket price (students, those under 18 years old, jobseekers, senior citizens)
4.50 €, Carte Sortir (Sortir card) ticket price / 3 € for cardholders

This program contains content that may not be suitable for young viewers. Discretion advised.
VOSTF (Foreign films with subtitles)


7:00 pm

by David Lowery • 2017 • 1h32

People’s Choice and Critics’ Choice Awards at the Deauville American Film Festival

Starring: Rooney Mara • Casey Affleck


It is with the inevitably profound and one-of-a-kind Ghost Story that Long Métrange has chosen to further develop its theme this year, although a few precautions are needed before doing so. Not only has David Lowery written and directed one of his most mesmeric pieces, he has also, and paradoxically, managed to break loose from all the over-the-top bells and whistles, not to mention senseless screams, so characteristic of ghost movies and the bogus boogeymen there within. Here, there is no blood oozing or annoying jump scares. We are simply spectators to the quintessential and ironic vision of a ghost wandering around in a sheet behind whose cut-out eyeholes let us imagine a sorrowful face fraught with despair. In Lowery’s work, time trickles out into a barren landscape overcome with melancholy that flusters viewers just as much as it fascinates them. After a painstaking half-hour in a state of bewilderment, the spectator is sucked into an elegiac narrative on love and loss tinged with humor, offering moments of eye-catching proportions, as well as those painting a more private portrait. Far from the showy, spasmodic story lines cranked out by today’s film industry, this suprahuman and sensory-stimulating stroll is a must for demanding Fantasticphilic souls.



9:30 pm

L’Emmurée vivante (The Psychic)
by Lucio Fulci • 1977 • 1h40 • Remastered version

Starring: Jennifer O’Neill • Marc Porel


As it cleverly weaves its way among the chilling nooks and crannies of the afterlife while keeping the question of the undead lingering in the background, Lucio Fulci’s The Psychic is one of Italy’s giallo gems whose re-release was impossible to miss; a good occasion to discover or rediscover this skillfully-crafted and lugubrious whodunit wherein the beautiful Jennifer O’Neill sets out to unravel the mystery of bloodthirsty murders whose recurring images drive her practically to a point-of-no-return state of paranoia. With Edgar Allan Poe as his mentor, the undisputed Guru of gruesome does all he can (as best he can) not to give in to his stomach-splitting passion for Gore. The result, a most respectful tribute to the giallo legacy, is nothing less than tumultuous thanks to a subtly-stifling and chiaroscuro-lined intrigue. His Seven Notes in Black (Sette note in Nero: original title) will continue to chime in the mind long after the music has stopped.