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2019 Edition
Pitch Dating


Thursday, 17 October , Café des Champs Libres


Pitch Dating is for any directors wishing to present and promote their strange and unusual Fantastic short film project to French-speaking producers.

This year, Court Métrange is shining the spotlight on European co-production, and in alignment with this, has invited both French and Belgian producers. Arising from the partnership made with Films en Bretagne (Films in Brittany) came two projects pre-selected by Estran 7, an orientation program fostering creative skill-building by pairing an aspiring director with an accomplished producer. Pitch Dating is also partnered with Nisi Masa (European Network of Young Cinema).

A morning of training, in partnership with Films en Bretagne (Films in Brittany), spent with Sabrine Hogrel focuses on preparing 15-minute, individual interviews that each project owner will have with each of the producers present. At the same time as Pitch Dating, Court Métrange is organizing a professional encounter on Wednesday, October 16, at 4:00 pm at the Café des Champs Libres, entitled "Case Study and Discussion on Cult Short Films."