Anticipation cinema cycle
in Ciné-TNB
Jeudi 2 septembre à 21h15.

Les fils de l’homme, Alfonso Cuaron

Court Métrange Festival

Preparations in progress...

Rendez-vous du 22 septembre au 3 octobre 2021

Court Métrange on the web


Anticipation cinema cycle
in Ciné-TNB
Thursday July 1st at 8pm.

Solaris, Andrei Tarkowski


Anticipation cinema cycle
in Ciné-TNB
Jeudi 5 août à 22h.

Soleil vert, Richard Fleischer


Anticipation cinema cycle
in Ciné-TNB
Du 3 juin au 2 septembre


Séances Court Métrange
24 et 25 juin à 18h30 – Gratuit
Cartoon d’invitation & Politiquement fantastique

Pôle associatif de la Marbaudais

32 rue de la Marbaudais – 35700 Rennes

La sélection 2021 est ouverte jusqu'au 15 mai

The 17th edition of the
Court Metrange Festival

À Rennes du 22 septembre au 3 octobre

En ligne du 28 septembre au 10 octobre

To remind how difficult this year and a half has been is an axiom — even a superfluous luxury that makes the molars grind. We won't dwell on the countless complications that the festival has encountered. But don't imagine that he'll fail in the mission that the Fantastic Goddess has entrusted him with. The signs of its indestructible vitality don't lie, so keep an American eye out :

The festival will happen ! !

The 17the The 17th edition is waiting for you, full of promises and carried by the breath of a recovered freedom. The crown covered with spikes that caps the virus, is about to fall. Death to him !

Long life to Court Métrange and his spectators !

2021 thematics videos

Thanks to all the students of the Creative Seeds School of Rennes for their beautiful realisations.

Unis Vers 7 Arrivé

A non-profit organization under the law of 1901, Unis Vers 7 Arrivé saw the light of day in 1998. It arose from the desire to bring about new cinematic forms and bring new talent into the spotlight. In 2003, it created the Court Métrange Festival. Today, the non-profit devotes its time and energy to screening and promoting the strange and unusual in Fantasy film.

Vers 7 Arrivé
Rejoignez l'équipe Court Métrange

Join us !

The Court Métrange Festival and its non-profit, Unis Vers 7 Arrivé, are always on the lookout for hell-bent, hankering bodies to join the ranks of the terrifying adventure known as Court Métrange in exchange for their soul in a vertiginous pact with the devil! Be it during the festival or leading up to it, your presence will be the ultimate sacrifice…

(Super) Short Métrange 2020

While major pandemics are among the most cherished elements of genre cinema, dystopian universes and other post-apocalyptic contexts, Court Métrange, like many other cultural events, has been forced to adapt and reinvent itself.

The 2020 international competition has therefore been cancelled and postponed to 2021, in favor of a series of fantastic events grouped under the name (Super) Short Métrange.
Best-of screenings, meetings, exhibits, and unusual appointments took place from September 30 to October 11, 2020.

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