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Unis vers 7 arrivé

Unis Vers 7 Arrivé founded Court Métrange, an international festival dedicated to strange and fantasy short films.


Over the years, they have developed some educational events for the festival centered around image media:

  • The 'Critiques sur Court' competition: This competition allows all humanities and foreign language teachers to invite their students to write a film review in the languagebeing taught about one of the short films seen at the festival’s school screenings by drawing mainly on work completed in class.

  • “L’esprit critique” (The Critic’s Spirit Event): An event that takes place at the schools.


School screening of a short film in French accompanied by an analysis and review before the festival :

  • Master class: Sound effects, animation, special effects and visual communications. Our participants, who are film and audiovisual professionals, offer interactive sessionsfor students to learn about the film industry.

    For example, the master class in sound effects invites students to experience and reflect upon a soundtrack and to recreate certain sound effects live in order to alter the film’s atmosphere.


Educational resources are also made available to teachers.


In addition, all year long in schools and recreation centers, there are :

  • Workshops on writing and directing fantasy screenplays

  • Workshops on creating fake advertisements



Other educational and cultural events :


Unis Vers 7 Arrivé has been working for the past three years in collaboration with a network of departmental multimedia libraries to offer projects, such as fantasy mystery games, contemporary art exhibits and screenings of short fantasy films…

In 2016, they will offer animated storyboard tales by reusing the opportunities that Kamishibaï offers; the shared imagination encourages narratives that are suggestive and think outside the box, and that are so strange and intriguing, they only reveal what is necessary to encourage active audience participation by tapping into their hidden cultural connection.

Making culture accessible to everyone

Thanks to its experience with Zanzan films, Unis Vers 7 Arrivé can now offer audio describedshort films for the blind and partially sighted, subtitled ones for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and outreach workshops.


Unis vers 7 arrivé

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Unis Vers 7 Arrivé