Screening of Wednesday sep. 29

Gaumont Rennes –11:00 AM


Séance animation

Length: 1 hr 06 min 1h14

In competition for the Jury’s Awards

This lineup contains content that may not be suitable for young viewers. Discretion advised.

VOSTF (Foreign films with subtitles)



Welcome to the highly-anticipated, 100% animation screening!

Make yourselves comfortable, and let the screen do the restlessness.

All masked out and nowhere to go, you will be able to awaken the bedlam and bad blood dormant in you. As you traverse mystical expanses dreamt up by the imagination, realities of both the copacetic and callous kind await you. Whether hand-drawn or pixelated, these story "lines" will be sending you to zèle and back.

Get your fill-o-films, festivalgoers. The demonted dance of Court Métrange has begun!

p.s. Please give the lady back her necklace.

Arnaud Pouchin - Film programmer


De Julien REGNARD 12’22 2021  France/Belgique

One posh evening in a manor house. On their way home, an argument leads to a brutal car accident. The car crashes into a pine tree. While Georges gradually regains consciousness, Christina has disappeared. Terrified, panicked and full of guilt, he returns to the mansion where the party is taking place to seek help, but the atmosphere turns even more into a nightmare when he sees his wife, alive and well, in the company of a man with a bird's head.


James Molle, 14 min 57 min, 2020, France

The tribulations and adventures of a young man wearing a cap, moving through a strange world populated by anthropomorphic creatures. In search of happiness although he doesn't know where to find it, he embarks on a philosophical and personal quest.


Joanna Quinn, 16 min 25 sec, 2021, United Kingdom

Factory worker Beryl is totally obsessed with drawing, and her fixation dominates the entire household. Apart from her husband, Ivor, Beryl’s model and muse, the whole family is addicted to something – her son is a technical geek and her sister a fanatically-narcissistic taxidermist.


Joe Hsieh, 20 min 01 sec, 2020, China

On a late-night commuter bus, a necklace is stolen. A tragic and fatal road accident ensues, as well as intriguing turns of events that reveal love, hatred and vengeance. The film climaxes as the bus goes ablaze, burning and glittering against the dark coastal sky.


Andrea Vinciguerra, 2 min 39 sec, 2019, United Kingdom/Italy

In these dark times, you may think that every potential hazard has been identified, but no one has ever taken into consideration how dangerous dance can be...

Gaumont - Rennes9:30 PM


Length: 1 hr 06 min 1h14

In competition for the Jury’s Awards

This lineup contains content that may not be suitable for young viewers. Discretion advised.

VOSTF (Foreign films with subtitles)


Mommy blues

At Court Métrange, we had an uncontrollable urge to nurture you with this screening smothered in TLC… But you’ve been warned: This won’t be a walk in the park! Your notion, up to now, of what you assumed to be "natural" for mothers will need to be grievously reconsidered after embarking on this visual and sensorial maiden voyage into the pangs of motherhood. The filmmakers have found this matrix-archal dimension quite amusing, bringing to life an array of alien anecdotes, including organic baby blues, a relatively bent take on breastfeeding the Breton way, a bloody maternal instinct, a mythical miscarriage and allegedly-wolfish twinship. After this trip, cutting the cord may just be easier than you thought!

 Émilie Cénac - Film programmer


Arnold De Parscau, 15 min 53 sec, 2021, France

In 1900, Marie sells pancakes made with her breast milk at the market of a small village in Brittany. The recipe is all the rage, and all the villagers become addicted. One day, Marie runs out of milk, but the peasants still ask for more. They will put her through an ordeal to continue consuming this precious resource they consider inexhaustible.



Erin Coates, 15 min, 2019, Australia

Dark Water focuses on the narrative of a deep-sea environment that unexpectedly manifests in the walls of a grieving woman’s suburban dwelling; an impossible, flooded inner- architecture. It explores familial trauma through the darkly surreal tale of a woman who discovers an ocean within her house.


Carolina Sandvik, 14 min 30 sec, 2021, Sweden

A father-to-be ends up in a feverish nightmare after a miscarriage, while a strange entity seems to be growing in the mother’s blood.


Andrea Corsini, 17 min 01 sec, 2019, Italy

A woman wanders in a big and empty parking lot following a man whom she seems to want to ambush. From her gestures, something furious and menacing emerges. Everything seems to draw back to a wooded area beyond an abandoned home, a place that hides the true nature of her actions.


Faye Jackson, 9 min 30 sec, 2019, United Kingdom

A new mother becomes increasingly mesmerized and appalled by the strange transformations happening around her baby. She instinctively hides them, unaware they are building towards a final metamorphosis - her own.

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