Screening of Thursday sep. 29

Gaumont Rennes –11:00 AM

Screening of Thursday sep. 30

Length: 1 hr 06 min 1h07

In competition for the Jury’s Awards

This lineup contains content that may not be suitable for young viewers. Discretion advised.

VOSTF (Foreign films with subtitles)



If you were expecting a thrilling documentary on Brittany’s seagull population, sorry to disappoint. There will be birds all right, boding both well and hell, but these tales are hardly for the birds. Look at them instead not only as an avian refuge harboring a zillion other creatures reflecting our most vile and primevil instincts, but also fate-spun, hybrid avatars, a resounding echo of slumbering angst and an ode to unrequited love… Be amazed by what non-humans can do or, on the contrary, undo. A message to plucked bipeds near and far: we may want to flock together during
Laissez-vous donc surprendre par ce que les non-humains ont à nous offrir ou, au contraire, à nous ôter. Et qu’on se le dise : nous autres bipèdes déplumés n’avons qu’à bien nous tenir.    

Maëva Blandin - Film programmer


Sophie Mair, Dan Gitsham, 11 min 54 sec, 2020, United Kingdom 2020 Royaume-Uni

On the North Yorkshire Moors, Abel, Head Gamekeeper, discovers the thing that is eating his grouse.


Tue Sanggaard, 6 min 11 sec, 2019, Denmark

The wild transformation of nine individuals stuck on the subway.


SPHINX Tito Gonzalez Garcia, 29 min 09 sec, 2020, France

Oedipus arrives in Thebes, and finds a devastated city where the young men are devoured by a monstrous beast referred to by the inhabitants as the Sphinx. He decides to free them from this plague installed on the roof of a building.


Ivan Radovic, 7 min, 2020, Sweden

A young woman finds her mother in a state worse than death. In an autopsy room, two lab technicians make a discovery beyond their darkest fears.


Étienne Forestier, 13 min 24 sec, 2019, France

The farmer has a thing for his hen, Joséphine. A good egg overall and exceptional egg-layer, it’s almost as if Joséphine is the barnyard sweetheart. One day, the farmer brings back a strange object, a sharpened ax, that stirs up the hen’s curiosity.

Gaumont - Rennes9:30 PM

Screening of Thursday sep. 30

Length: 1hr10 1h08

In competition for the Jury’s Awards

This lineup contains content that may not be suitable for young viewers. Discretion advised.

VOSTF (Foreign films with subtitles)



"Put your paw in the honey pot, it might just get stuck." It seems there is no greater flaw than an overpowering urge for overkill. At Court Métrange, a culinary sin here and there doesn’t cut it for these persnickety palates; we’re all about a full out blow-out, driving our digestion to the ne plus ultra in appetite apogee. No room for our picky-eating selves tonight for a Michelin star-deserving feast fit for a king (and queen) has set a place for you at the table. With our reputation at stake, we have put on a big spread with a most mouthwatering screening. The six shorts on this gastronomic menu are to be masticated without restraint (can’t say that’s an issue around here). Fear not: regardless of your film fussiness, there will be something for everyone. As the saying goes, "Eating whets the appetite." So, what do you say to another hell-ping?

 Quentin Le Bouluach - Film programmer


M + M (Marc Weis + Martin De Mattia), 6 min 09 sec, 2019, Germany

In Mad Mieter, an initially-delicate start leads to a cruel end for this praying mantis protagonist living in a bourgeois furnished apartment.



Merryl Roche, 24 min 15 sec, 2019, France

Since Marie joined the team at multi-starred chef Bruno Mercier's restaurant, all she thinks about is improving herself. But Thomas, the sous-chef who manages the kitchen on a day-to- day basis, is wary of this possible rival. During her shift, Marie cuts herself, letting a few drops of blood fall into and mix with her sauce. Bruno tastes Marie's dish, and considers it perfect.


Esteban Sanchez Del Rio, 8 min 11 sec, 2019, France

A man of mystery, Mister X seems to be hosting a rather curious, to say the least, cooking show at his place. Human fingers simmer with peppers and a sauce in the stockpot, mannequin heads are stacked in his fridge, and the icing on the cake: a young woman as the main course.


Jack Reynor, 17 min 52 sec, 2019, Ireland

During the last year of The Great Famine in Ireland, a farmhand working for the local landlord has hardened his heart against his countrymen to ensure his own survival. But when he encounters a ghostly female figure stealing milk from the landlord's barn, his resolve is tested, and he is beguiled on a journey towards hope.,


Thessa Meijer, 2 min 23 sec, 2019, Germany

During an extreme heat wave, a shy girl seeks refuge in an ice cream shop. But when she looks into the eyes of the charming vendor, she is on thin ice...

NERO De Jan-David BOLT 09’02 2019  Suisse Humans spend five years of their life thinking about food. This film may not change that.
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