Screening of Tuesday sep. 28

Gaumont - Rennes11:00 AM


Opening Scream Night

Length: 1 hr 06 min 1h20

In competition for the Jury’s Awards

This lineup contains content that may not be suitable for young viewers. Discretion advised.

VOSTF - Foreign films have been subtitled to facilitate understanding.



For this opening scream, what could possibly be more appropriate than summoning this harum-scarum cherub that ditches the divine will like a moth-eaten frock (or an "unplugged" BB Brunes session)? Although not always named out loud, the covert demeanor of this fallen angel ransacking these hellfire narratives simply cannot be denied: the ill-fated whose mishaps you will be witnessing have a cent to divide with the forces of evil (and far be it from penny-pinching Satan to renounce any part of its share). The cinematographic chutzpah with which these fragile souls are put through the wringer is of obnoxiously-entertaining taste that mustn’t be shared with the little ones; it is, therefore, best to leave them all nice and cozy at home (with a stash of crayons for pentacle-scribbling fun or a game of darts by way of quality cat-and-kid bonding time). Whether this pompous degenerate be of theological make-believe or not, you will scarf these stories down with just-plain-wrong plenitude. Let it be known, though, that your seemingly harmless infringement may just leave you stranded outside the pearly gates.

Steven Pravong - Film programmer


Alberto Vazquez, 15 min 20 sec, 2020, France/Spain

No one can escape their roots, however rotten they may be.


Samuel Auer, 4 min 59 sec, 2019, Germany

Chaos is a one-shot fairytale about the Devil. A hobo, a jogger, two thieves and a bag full of money are the key components. Like satanic verses that are understood but when read backwards, Chaos, too, will have you doubling back.


Astrid Thorvaldsen, 24 min, 2020, United Kingdom

Minnesota 1880: Three Norwegian sisters are living alone in a settler’s cabin on a desolate prairie. The eldest sister, Ingrid, is now in charge of her sisters after the passing of their parents. Now a strange illness threatens the life of her youngest sister, Ada. When a stranger appears on their land asking for help and claiming to be a doctor, Ingrid is conflicted on whether she can trust him.


Paul Urkijo Alijo, 9 min 48 sec, 2020, Spain

Dar-Dar is a mythical Basque demon that eats fingers. It says, “Dar, dar, dar, bring your finger for dinner. If you decline, I will return at nighttime, and your soul will be mine.”


Ceylan Özgün Özçelik, 14 min 59 sec, 2019, Turkey

A 14-year-old girl communicates with a spider in a dark basement without knowing the time or place.


Parker Finn, 11 min 01 sec, 2020, United States

Desperate to rid herself of a recurring nightmare, a young woman seeks the help of her therapist.

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