Young audiences Eye-Tinerary

From september 26 to september 30, 2022.

ÉDITO 2022

« Court Métrange Festival and the young public  »

The Young Audiences Eye-tinerary has been around for over 15 years now, and has brought in, on average, 4,000 young cinephiles from all corners of Brittany. The Court Métrange Festival is devoted not only to dreaming up, every single year, a new itinerary of cultural actions for students in elementary school, middle school, high school or higher learning institutions, but also to making sure that the itinerary has its place in those places.

The Young Audiences Eye-tinerary will take place in Rennes starting on Monday, September 26 through Friday, September 30, 2022. This year, its actions hone in on the official Court Métrange Festival theme: Science Fiction.

This narrative arc will be what connects the artistic and cultural learning endeavors by focusing in particular on the following themes: Visions of Outer Space, Infinite Worlds and Creatures of the Cosmos.

The youth taking part will be confronted daily with Fantastic images, be they in film, comics or video games. The Unis Vers 7 Arrivé non-profit has, therefore, created this "Festival within the Festival", making available avenues worth exploring on the thought processes underlying the conception and evolution of the symbols and their significance embodying the Fantastic and Dark Fantasy spheres, in turn enabling school audiences to not only adopt a more analytical perception on these realms, but also to shift their attention and vision beyond the confines of social media, mobile phones and television.

Our unprecedented educational and cultural itinerary offers all youth, whether in elementary, middle, high school or no school, the chance to actively participate in the festival’s artistic agenda and to set foot in the institutional and cultural mainstays in Rennes such as the Maison Internationale de Rennes, Hôtel Pasteur, the Musée de Bretagne and the Planetarium, among others. scolaire ou non, de participer activement aux propositions artistiques du festival et de découvrir des lieux institutionnels et culturels rennais tels que La Maison Internationale de Rennes, l’Hôtel Pasteur, Le Musée de Bretagne, le Planétarium, etc.

The Young Audiences Eye-tinerary has also been developed with teachers in mind. Each workshop, encounter, exhibit and screening is designed to be a learning tool, sparking entertaining and edifying food for thought together with the academic offering.

 Young Audiences Eye-tinerary Team

"Finecombing Fantastic film"

"Zooming in on careers in film" »

"Seeking out creative alternatives"

"Playing a part in Fantastic film"

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