Court Métrange Contest

Le Festival Court Métrange propose aux jeunes des concours autour du cinéma de genre, insolites, étranges et fantastiques.

This competition allows all literature and modern language teachers to invite their students to write a film review in the language of their teaching, based mainly on the work done in class. The reviews will focus on one of the short films seen during a school screening.

This contest is addressed to the young public having participated in the Young Public Course Festival Court Métrange Scolaire. The idea: to express a critical point of view on the film of their choice through a movie/YouTube style video (small sketch, "tuto" etc.) which will be published on YouTube, thus giving it a wide diffusion.

The Court Métrange festival offers young filmmakers aged 12 to 25 a competition for unusual, strange and fantastic short films. The Review offers a window of opportunity to young talents and invites them to participate in one of the following categories :

Information & registration :

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