Court Métrange Festival

Du 21 septembre au 1er octobre 2023 à Rennes

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"Carpe departed"

Blue Gold, reeling between the li(n)es

O waves, what mournful tragedies ye know!

Guy de Maupassant was already navigating troubled waters back in 1881 when he wrote On the River teeming with Fantastic elements. Its supernatural character, floating gradually to the surface, emerges in the form of a river, enswathed in life-like attributes and appearing as "…a mysterious thing, profound, unknown, a land of mirages and phantasmagoria, where one sees by night things that do not exist…"


If Maupassant’s vision of it conjured up "…the most sinister of cemeteries, one in which one has no tomb…", others have opted – and rightly so – for one depicting qualities full of promise and panacea…and, at the very least, of spellbinding proportions.


Whether from a tranquil river’s course or an unbridled sea, treacherous or uplifting, throwing caution to the wind, and sometimes Mankind, too, water is an element whose transparency ripples out into both the mythological imaginary and Fantastic narrative.


A vivarium for storytellers and artists alike from all backgrounds, it’s really no wonder that the titanic grip on the fate of Mankind by what has been coined "blue gold" decided to dock among their words and imagery doubling as mirrors for humanity’s angst and awe.

When it comes to charting the stakes, we’re anything but wet behind the ears. This resource trickles down into strategic, economic, environmental, political and military pockets. Global challenges that address water conservation are everyone’s business. In the years to come, our planet’s population and economic growth will end up sandbagging, if not suffocating, water’s capacity to sustain human need whereas we should – at the same time – be doing all that is humanly possible to protect natural habitats for our own survival.


More than just a region, Brittany is an area where water, from the tiniest brook to the most monumental of seascapes, is the principal resource.

For this 19th edition, the Court Métrange Festival (propulsed by an ever-quenchless thirst for all things cultural) will be luring itself down into the deep, dark depths of Fantasy’s Blue Gold!

Steven Pravong – Co-fondateur et Président




– PALMARÈS 2023 –

Après délibération, le jury présidé par ESTELLE FAYE a décerné les prix :

LE GRAND PRIX COURT MÉTRANGE : ELECTRA, de Daria Kashcheeva • 26’33 • 2023 • République Tchèque, France, Slovénie
LE MÉLIÈS D’ARGENT : AMOK, de Balázs Turai • 14’21 • 2022 • Hongrie, Roumanie
PRIX FRANCE TÉLÉVISION : MOSHARI, de Nuhash Humayun, 22’00, 2022, Bangladesh
PRIX SHADOWZ : BIRDS WHOSE LEGS BREAK OFF, deDirk Verschure • 7’17 • 2022 • Allemagne
MENTION SPECIALE TRASH : HAIRSUCKER, de Michael Jones • Paddy Jay • 4’17 • 2022 • Australie
PRIX SOFILM : AIRHOSTESS-737, de Thanasis Neofotistos • 16’00 • 2022 • Grèce
PRIX HURLEQUIN : GNOMES, de Ruwan Heggelman • 5’56 • 2022 • Pays-Bas
PRIX DU PUBLIC : SWEET JUICES Will Suen, Sejon Im • 15’06 • 2022 • Australie
PRIX DU PUBLIC QUEER MÉTRANGE : TANK FAIRY, de Erich Rettstadt • 9’31 • États-unis, Taïwan· 2021

– Prix Parcours Jeune Public –

PRIX COUP DE COEUR BENSHI : ICE MERCHANTS, de João Gonzalez • 14’33 • 2022 • Portugal
PRIX BASSE COURT : SWING TO THE MOON, de Marie Bordessoule, Adriana Bouissie, Nadine De Boer,
Élisa Drique, Chloé Lauzu, Vincent Levrero,
Solenne Moreau • 06’40 • 2022 • France
PRIX COURS D’ÉCOLE : CANARY, de Pierre-Hugues Dallaire, Benoit Therriault
12’03 • 2022 • Canada
PRIX COURTE ÉCHELLE : BOUDIN, de Chlara Vassaliere • 4’52 • 2022 • France
INTERCOURT AWARD : NIAN, de Michelle Krusiec • 06’00 • 2022 • États-Unis
COURT CIRCUIT AWARD : TAUMANU, de Taratoa Stappard • 22’23 • 2022 • Nouvelle-Zélande


– PRIX HOMEMADE : K.1, de Patrick J Mitchell
– PRIX VOCATION : L’ESCALIER, de Raphaël Dagnet / NATURE VIVANTE, de Chiara Conticini, Marina Dard et Alice Le Scouarnec
– PRIX MICROMÉTRANGE : LE DESSERT, de Nathan et Simon Zytka


– ACTING : Louise Blaize
– DOUBLAGE : anaizawakening




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