Exhibits and guided tours

Fantastic exhibit – Le Diable au corps

Since 6 years, the Court Métrange festival has developed a course of exhibits of contemporary, fantastic and visionary art in order to propose to the visitors a reflection on "the fantastic image". As such, the non-profit proposes to broaden the dialogue between the visual arts and cinema by offering young publics an independent event based on the same theme as the festival. The screenings of fantastic, unusual and strange short films will dialogue with an exhibit of visual arts where contemporary artists consider and question the genre of the fantastic within their creative discipline.

Guided tour – Étrangement Breizh

The Musée de Bretagne offers a guided tour of the strange, unusual and fantastic objects in its permanent collections. The visit is taken care of by the mediators of the Musée de Bretagne. This visit can be done in Breton (regional language).

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