Court Métrange Festival

du 22 septembre au 03 octobre 2021 à Rennes

du 28 septembre au 10 octobre 2021 en ligne –

The 17th festival edition is under the sign of the Devil, the hell and demonic possessions !

On the occasion of this new edition, the Court Métrange festival sheds light (ha, ha!) on the subject of the Devil. A figure that retains an undisputed prestige in Christian iconography as in fictional stories. This is the opportunity to draw a horned portrait of this character with complex and multiple origins of which the Bible is not the only depository.

Keep your rosary at hand, it will smell like sulphur !

EDITO 2021 :

The Devil, the hell and demonic possessions !

Ever-lurking amid the glum-struck, phantasmal entrails and conscious-devoid chasms is a figure whose reign defies time. Its depiction outdoes any number imaginable in the collective imaginary, and it would be downright ludicrous to even attempt to describe it (although you’ve got to give it up for Christian demonology for having spawned a quite convincing knock-off).

Creature to some, spirit of temptation to others, religions have made it their business to fashion a craftsman of dissension between the Divine and mortals. Slithering its wanton way into the minds of the latter, the scheming scallywag sends unsuspecting, earthly souls into an irresistible frenzy with an appetite for immorality and a soft spot for transgression. A categorically-refuting brute, this exponential power is the gainsayer, the paradox, the Enemy, the tormentor and the prince of assassins. In a nutshell: Evil.

With an inflammatory portrayal such as this, you cannot help but to be inexorably reminded of someone close or some political figure of exemplary altruism (aka a mother-in-law or Donald Trump), but don’t fall for it: the vile beast has a name.

Be it in literature, film, TV series, the fine arts or via some damned good dance moves, they’ve all one thing in common: their disturbingly-dogged, profanely-disrespectful, hideously no-shame, idolatrous attachment to this lowlife scumbag known as none other than… the Devil.


For this 17th edition, Court Métrange will be painting the pronged portrait of the descent of this less-than-decent figure rooted in evil. To slip into character, there is no better way for a rolling stone to sympathize with the devil than in the latter’s fire-and-brimstone lair (where prejudice meets payback, and a particularly warm, not to mention extended and overly enthusiastic, welcome awaits Maître Gims and Kendji Girac). And lastly, its walk on the wild side will lift the veil on the ill-omened grounds providing refuge to all that wreaks havoc, horror and possession (from the budget manor rental to the taste-deficient teen tuned into the above-mentioned "artists").th édition, Court Métrange dresse le portrait cornu de ce personnage aux origines multiples. Il s’autorise même à flânocher touristiquement dans ses enfers (lieux de compensation des injustices dans lesquels séjourneront nécessairement Maître Gims et Kendji Girac). Et enfin, il explore les procédés de hantise et de possession maléfiques (du manoir loué à bas prix jusqu’à l’adolescente qui écoute les « artistes » susmentionnés).

The Court Métrange Festival is getting back to abnormal as it drops anchor, yet again, at the Gaumont Theater Complex. Well, this is about as normal as abnormal’s gonna get given the current situation, so we suggest that our die-hard dread devotees cop a squat in the comfort of their own home because Court Métrange is also reeling in the official short film competition directly to them via the Spamflix platform (dare you to get these last two off lickety-split without getting tongue-tied).

As the flick talkers and fat-chewing junkies post-film we’ve all come to know and love, we’ve also caught on that your penchant for solids and liquids (in moderation, of course) is anything but AWOL. To cater to such a crowd, we are rolling out the big top just outside the theater complex on the Charles de Gaulle Esplanade! With 300 square meters sprawled out onto hardwood floors, this glad-handering haunt will accommodate you and fellow class-act and cultured festivalgoers. We’ve also concocted quite the spread of events to whet the diverse appetites in attendance. Legendary picture palace in Rennes, the new Arvor Theater is now but a stone’s throw away, and will be the must-see venue (for this edition’s must-see picks).

So, treat yourself to our 65-long short film lineup featuring urbane, curve-throwing, voltaic, sharp-tongued and fire-feeding showstoppers, and get yourself over to the myriad other happenings happening in the name of all things Fantastic.

Satan’s despicable sidekick, the crowned virus, has tried, and quite miserably at that, to cast its prickly thorns in our side, leaving us to writhe on a one-way ticket to no more man’s land. Court Métrange is ripe for the pickin’ when it comes to kickin’ it up the backside in a blazing bid farewell to hell!


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