Ressources pédagogiques 2021

« An itinerary in line with school programs, and enriching for the youth structures »

Goals :

  • To allow the cultural opening to the young people
  • To discover genre cinema
  • To discover short format
  • To encourage critical thinking among youth
  • To discover the cinema professions
  • To express, exchange, share
  • To be sensitive to art issues
  • Storytelling and testimony through pictures
  • To listen, compare, explore and imaginate

Educational tracks :

Teachers, your participation can be part of a workshop or school program in the artistic and cultural education of the student in the following subjects :

  • Audiovisual option
  • Plastic arts
  • French
  • Literature
  • Foreign languages
  • Music

General tracks :

Ressources et pistes pédagogiques par film 2021

Short intermediate screening 

  • Koekoek! de Jörgen Scholtens 
  • The side effect de Sandrine Cassidy
  • Artifice de Judicaël Ceva et Adrien Douay
  • Un cœur d’or de Simon Filliot
  • Pinki de Spike Hyunsuk Kim
  • Rebooted de Michael Shanks
  • The beauty de Pascal Shelbli
  • Hand in hand de Ennio Ruschetti

Short barnyard screening

Complementary tracks :

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