Become a volunteer at Court Métrange

Participate to the Court Métrange festival from the backstage

Between 13,000 and 17,000 festival-goers walk through our events every year and enter the offbeat world of the fantastic and the unusual. Also, every year the team expands punctually to welcome new volunteers on event missions.

Mediation, reception, stage management, accompaniment... There is something for everyone. Accompanied by the permanent teams and of course trained to the different missions, being a volunteer on the festival is to live the event from the backstage.

If you want to to meet new people, discover the frenzy of a festival in real time and be part of the VIPs, here are the reinforcements we need this year between September and October :

Cultural mediation

Since 7 years, the Court Métrange festival has been developing a series of fantastic and visionary contemporary art exhibits in order to offer visitors a reflection on the fantastic within their creative discipline.

Accompanied and under the responsibility of the exhibitions referents, the volunteers of the Parcours Métrange - Exhibits team are in charge of welcoming the public (adults and schoolchildren) on the exhibits site and of accompanying them during their visit.

The Festival then offers training in cultural mediation and public support. Volunteers are encouraged to assist in the setting up and dismantling of the exhibit and to meet the exhibited artists.

Period from September 20th to October 4th - 2 or 4 hour slots.

Reception of the young public

The young public is nowadays particularly confronted with the fantastic image. Whether it is cinema, comics or video games, the young generations are particularly attracted by the fantastic and the unusual. Court Métrange welcomes them during its festival in order to invite them to question these universes and to pose a critical glance.

As a volunteer, and under the responsibility of the Young Public Course team, you will be in charge of welcoming and orienting groups of students and their chaperones at the various festival venues. 

Period from September 27th to October 1st - 2h or 4h slots.

Public reception

The Court Métrange Festival cares about its faithful, curious, strange and unusual film lovers. That's why it reserves the best of the welcomes to him. In 2021, Court Métrange settled on the Charles de Gaulle square by creating a place of conviviality and parties in front of the Gaumont cinema.

Accompanied by the coordinator of the volunteers and the team of Court Métrange, you will hold the information points of the festival located at the place Charles de Gaulle or at the Gaumont. You will also be in charge of welcoming the public to the different events, as well as the professional guests.

Period from September 28 to October 3 - 2h or 4h slots


Setting up a festival of strangeness is not an easy task, but it is certainly fun! The Court Métrange team of broken arms is doing pretty well, but always needs reinforcements and good ideas.

The festival's stage management volunteers, accompanied by the general manager, have the mission of helping with the technical set-up and dismantling of the festival, particularly concerning the new site at Place Charles de Gaulle. They are also in reinforcement on the technical implementation of the various events.

Period from September 24 to October 4. - 2h or 4h slots.

& Restauration

What would be a film festival without a little drink shared with friends after the screenings ? In 2021 Court Métrange sets up its own refreshment bar in order to quench the great thirsts and fill the small hollows.

Accompanied and under the responsibility of the referents Bar, the volunteers will assure the management of the Court Métrange bar (service, arrangement, dishes...) near the public and the guests. Two services will be proposed, the morning service from 10 am to 2 pm and the evening service from 6 pm to 1 am.

Period from September 28 to October 3 - 2h or 4h slot.

All the volunteers joining us will take part in an integration day and/or a training day on the chosen missions.

Meeting times will also be proposed with the permanent team of Court Métrange and with the voluntary teams because at Court Métrange we are never alone and we count on each other !

Ask for information :

Imagining together the Court Métrange festival

Court Metrange Festival is a team of 40 passionate people, 98% of them volunteers. No project of the association could be born without this extraordinary contribution of the team which every year invests itself on the conception and the installation of the festival.

To enter the Court Métrange team is to engage in a collegial process of collaboration where all the voices, all the ideas and all the desires are heard.

Many teams invest themselves all year long to think together about the projects: conferences, exhibits, young audiences, selection, programming, management, communication...There is space for everyone, all skills are welcome and all desire to learn by joining the adventure.

To be a volunteer at Court Métrange is to invest in the strange, to enter a team of striking, to meet new faces and to engage with a public of curious and passionate. But it is also to discover the backstage of an unusual and film-loving event and to participate in a crazy adventure that needs more and more driving forces to exist.

You have a little time to devote to a federative and strange cultural project,you are welcome to imagine with us the Court Métrange festival and contribute to the development of fantastic and unusual projects.

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